DISTURBING VIDEO: Teacher assaults non-verbal, wheelchair bound student

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Alleged abuse involving an East Baton Rouge School teacher was discovered after a mother saw a video clip of her child being hit in class – by the teacher.

The Jefferson Terrace Elementary School campus was bustling with children Friday morning. Lasundra Lipsey says her 9-year-old daughter, Cassidy, is a special needs student at the school.

"My child can't talk. If someone does anything to her, she can't say anything," said Lipsey.

Lipsey says her worst fears came true.

Cell phone video, recorded by a school nurse, shows Lipsey's daughter, in a wheelchair.  You also see her teacher, Nerelyn Soreta. The video shows the woman push Cassidy's head, repeatedly slap Cassidy's leg and then scold the girl.

"I want her in jail because she broke the law. If I would have pushed her head, like she pushed my child's head they would have called the police and had me arrested. I want her arrested," said Lipsey.

Lipsey pulled her daughter from the school when she saw the video. She returned to the school on Friday to file a complaint with the principal, but she says she was turned away when she got to the office.

"I have notified her that I want to press charges because that was the proper protocol and that's what is going to be done and I am going to follow up until she is arrested," said Lipsey.

When WAFB tried to talk to the school principal, we were locked out and someone from behind closed doors said to go to the school board office.

A sign on the office door pointed to the clerk's office, which was also locked.

An East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Deputy met Lipsey at the school to officially take her complaint. Lipsey says she is worried that this is not the first time Ms. Soreta put her hands on her daughter or any student. She says Cassidy will not be returning to Jefferson Terrace unless the teacher is removed.

"I want justice served. I want her in jail. I want the school system to pay for not following proper protocol and not caring about who you put in your schools because to me it seems like they are trying to cover each other," said Lipsey.

A spokesman for the EBR School System says he has seen the video and that there is an investigation.

There is no word if any charges have been filed.

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