DCFS waiting on Fed's answer on sanctioning accused EBT abusers

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) are waiting on Federal approval to sanction people in Northwest Louisiana who abused their Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards.

On Wednesday Senator David Vitter, in a video news release, asked state officials to drop the hammer on the abusers."I'm asking that they consider three very strong specific actions in response to this incident of really significant food stamp theft and fraud recently in north Louisiana," said Vitter.

"Apparently several beneficiaries took advantage of that and checked out items way way above their limit. Which they knew was way above their limit, and I think there should be some significant consequence to that theft and that fraud because that's what it is," said Vitter.

DCFS Secretary Suzy Sonnier fired back at the Senator in a letter which reads in part…"We would like to share with you how we have already addressed your concerns. DCFS has no tolerance for fraud or abuse of the snap program and works aggressively every day..."

"On October 15th DCFS requested authorization from the United States Department of Agriculture to sanction all individuals determined to have knowingly used a snap EBT card to attempt to purchase food over the amount of their approve benefit levels," the letter reads.

Still no word from The United States Department of Agriculture on whether or not the state can sanction the EBT abusers.

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