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NFL cuts ties with Elyria helmet manufacturer


Talking about a blind side hit, the NFL is parting ways with the Riddell Sports Group, maker of football helmets and one of Elyria's largest employers. 

"Kind of a shock to me considering how big they expanded and has grown in the past 5 or 10 years," says Elyria resident Justin Stoner.

Many of Riddell's 400 plus employees are regulars here at Wolfe's Bistro and Pub, just a stone's throw away. The business says that Riddell is a huge part of how well the lunch orders are doing.

The Convenient Food Mart also depends on Riddell for much of its lunch time crowd throughout the week also.

Riddell's been the NFL's official helmet since 1989.

The NFL recently reached a $765 million settlement with the former players who sued the league over concussions but those players rumored to number in the thousands are still suing Riddell.

"Kind of a shock to me considering how deep in the NFL as they are," says Stoner.

The NFL, Riddell relationship is scheduled to end this season, after this year's super bowl.

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