Jury to see Richard Matthews admit to murder on camera

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - An East Baton Rouge Parish jury will be allowed to watch a video shot on January 7, 2010 of Richard Matthews admitting on camera that he killed two people just weeks earlier.

Richard Matthews rants caught on camera will be shown when his case goes to trial, says District Court Judge Tony Marabella. Matthews is charged with the December 2009 shooting at Grady Crawford Construction Company that killed two women.

In one video Matthews says he did not intend to kill the two females; that he was trying to kill Trey Crawford the owner of the company.

Matthews: They wouldn't pay my child support

WAFB's Jim Shannon: No, you said unemployment.

Matthews: Unemployment. They wouldn't pay my unemployment.

Jim Shannon: Is that why you killed those two girls?

Matthews: No, I went in there to kill Trey Crawford. That's who I went in there to kill.

Jim Shannon: But you killed those two girls.

Matthews: I went in the back and they went to hollering, man. I panicked. I panicked; they run me crazy, man – they run me crazy.

District Attorney Hillar Moore, III says it's a critical piece of evidence. Moore says his office was able to convince a judge Friday that Matthews spoke on his own.

District Attorney Hillar Moore, III agrees with the judge's decision. "As you heard from the officer's testimony of the officers he just continued to blurt out statements and they happened to be caught on camera and that is evidence we are allowed to use. Not coerced not even suggested that he make a statement or any kind of utterance but he did on his own."

Matthews's lawyers have until Mid-December to present an insanity defense if they want to. Earlier this week prosecutors notified the court they planned on seeking a death penalty.

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