Police officers get real-life training behind the wheel

GONZALES, LA (WAFB) - Some Gonzales Police Officers are getting some real-life training behind the wheel.

Officers maneuvered through several different courses set up at the Lamar Dixon Expo Center Thursday morning to learn how to react in scenario specific situations.

The three-day classes give them a chance to learn new techniques and make split decision on the road.

"The objective is to have a better understanding of how the vehicle handles, also safety of the public as well as the safety of the officer in learning how to handle that vehicle in a stressful situation and everyday driving," said Sgt. Gary Gerrari, Jr., Instructor for Gonzales Police.

The officers must complete each challenge three times to pass a test; they only get five chances.

Those who qualify get a three year certification through the National Academy for Police Driving.

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