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Richmond family calls 12 after getting $1,000 bill from Dominion


A Richmond family on the brink of having their electricity cut off after being slammed with a huge bill calls NBC12 for help.

Alfred Jones says, his family's electric bill for just one month tipped the scale at $1,000. Jones couldn't explain the jump in cost and he says, neither could Dominion.

"The first time I called, they said it looked like a power surge. The second time I called, they said the bill reflected money I had owed from the past. The third time I called, the lady told me that was the actual reading they were getting and we actually owed that amount."

Jones helps pay his 80-year-old mother's electric bill every month for the Richmond home they share. The amount of electricity they use stays pretty consistent but in September, their usage inexplicably skyrocketed.

"We were actually frightened," said Jones. "How we were going to handle this."

Jones says, the bill jumped after Dominion replaced their electric meter. However, he says, each time he spoke with power company a different representative gave him a different story with the same answer: pay the bill or have your electricity turned off.

Right before the Jones' electricity was cut off for good, NBC12 called Dominion to get to the bottom of the story.

According to Dominion Virginia Power spokeswoman Le-Ha Anderson, a problem with the Jones' meter caused the jump. She also says, Dominion never put that information in their system so it looked like the Jones family owed money they didn't!

"We're really thankful you brought this to our attention," said Anderson to NBC12. "As soon as you did, we were able to go back into our system, identify the problem, fix it, reach out to our customer, have a conversation with her then provide her with an accurate bill."

Dominion says, this was an honest mistake but adds you can dispute a charge by calling or filing a claim online.

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