State working to improve fish population in False River

FALSE RIVER, LA (WAFB) - Tommy Bryan's special place to fish is False River. But he says the river has lost its shine over the years because of the decline of water quality and the number of fish.

Bryan said it is the silt in the water that is making the banks of the river soft. Making it uncomfortable for fish to breed means fewer fish to catch. Now, Wildlife and Fisheries is trying to get the fish population back up.

"They were spreading gravel on the river bottom, in about four to five feet of water, which will facilitate the spawning of fish. Fish need to spawn on a hard substrate," said Bryan.

Bryan says the gravel will also help keep the silt down, improving the water quality, which affects more than just fishing.

"It affects the piers, the motors on your outdoor motor. It affects everything - even swimming, " said Bryan

State Representative Major Thibaut says False River is one of the greatest natural resources in Louisiana. He says the state is going to do everything it can to preserve it.

"We are just luckily enough to have it right here in our backyard. And we want to make sure it's here for our kids and grandkids," said Thibaut.

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