Baker Fire Dept. receives grant for extinguishers, detectors

BAKER, LA (WAFB) - Your home being engulfed by flames is a nightmare for any homeowner. Now, the Baker Fire Department is making that less likely by putting fire extinguishers and smoke/carbon monoxide detectors in every home in the city.

"I feel it's a good thing. It probably could've prevented what happened here. And a lot of people are fortunate and don't even think of things like that until it's too late, " said Joseph Girouard, whose family home burned down 20 years ago.

There are 5,000 homes in Baker and Fire Chief Danny Edwards said the plan is coming together because his department received a $115,000 grant in September from FEMA to fund the initiative. He said this is something the entire city can benefit from, and can set a new standard.

"We feel like that will be a real ambitious program something that never has been done in another city," said Edwards.

Edward says safety precautions like fire detectors can make a critical difference.

"It is a proven fact that smoke detectors save lives if you keep them running and active and batteries changed in them and so forth," said Edwards.

Before the department does anything, firefighters will check every home to see if existing detectors are in need of change.

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