EBR Teachers reach out to community after substitute's profane tirade

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - One day after WAFB broke the story of a ranting substitute East Baton Rouge teacher cursing at a class of 8th graders, members of the teaching community are reaching out to educate the public on what's really going on inside class rooms. What is actually happening in the classroom creates stress on teachers and substitutes.

"Any professional being in the teaching field, teachers are fully trained to do, you can pick up what the student is doing and - you as a state professional - and when you pick up what that student is trying to do you back out of it and you stop it. You be in control. If you go the other way than the student is in control and you never let a student be in control of a discipline problem," says long time educator and interim principal at Scenic Alternative School Victor Cooper.

Cooper fully admits students will try to manipulate teachers, especially substitutes. "They will try substitute teachers, but if you're an experienced substitute, and you're a seasoned substitute, you know what they are trying to do you can pick it up," says Cooper.

Educator Dumaka Moutrie says even though the pressure maybe on in the class, professional teachers, even subs, must maintain. "I think [the pressure] is underestimated quite often. While there is never an excuse for a teacher to lose professionalism or use profanity in the class room, teachers are under a lot of pressure in the classroom and are under a lot of stress in the classroom on a daily basis."

"What the students are doing in that class room - they are spinning you and the only way to get out of it is to back out of it. It's like an electric motor. That's what makes it spin and the students will spin you, so your best thing to do is to back up out of that spin and you can get your composure back," says Cooper.

Educators say stress in the class room leads to discipline problems on both sides of the teacher's apple.

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