City of Walker named one of best places in LA to raise a family

WALKER, LA (WAFB) - The City of Walker administration never signed up to be part of study, but last week Mayor Rick Ramsey was notified by email that they'd been named one of the top ten places in the state to raise a family. A California-based company, Nerd Wallet, analyzed Louisiana cities and towns to come up with the list.

Walker was ranked second. Leesville took top honors.

Mayor Ramsey says he's hoping their new ranking will draw in more business.

Walker doesn't have many vacant store fronts. Ramsey says when one business leaves another is waiting to move in.

"We recently lost a café and immediately a steak restaurant from Baton Rouge, Pedigo's, moved in, which is great for our area," said Ramsey.

Administrators in the city have always been vocal about needing more places to eat. Ramsey says he'd like more family friendly choices, "Cracker Barrel, Olive Garden - something along those lines. People here are literally starved for an alternative place to eat other than fast food."

The Nerd Wallet study looked at economic growth, schools (of which Walker's were rated an eight out of 10) and the median home value also played a role. Walker's was found to be $169,000.

Construction crews are framing up walls in neighborhoods around the area, to keep up with the housing demand. The mayor estimated there are 65,000 people who live within a five-mile radius of the city limits. He says inside city limits, there are 6,500 residents.

Ramsey says as long as people are making Walker their home, this new ranking could be the tool they need to bring in more business.

The City of Zachary was also on the list of best places in Louisiana to raise a family. They were ranked number five.

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