Police: Two referees arrested at Mandeville-St. Paul's game

Photo Courtesy: WWL-TV
Photo Courtesy: WWL-TV

COVINGTON, LA (WWL-TV) - Covington Police arrested two referees Friday at the Mandeville-St.Paul's game, according to Covington Police Captain Jack West.

The referees, whose names were not immediately available, will be charged with public intimidation after a sideline argument, according to West.

The incident began with arguments between referees and vocal members of the St. Paul's chain crew on the sideline. One of the referees then got into an argument with a Covington Police officer over crowd control, and the argument escalated until the officials were taken from the field by police.

Exactly what the referees said to get arrested is not available yet, but apparently, the referee tried to throw a police officer out of the game.

The referees were arrested in the middle of the third quarter, causing around a 25-minute delay to the game.

Despite the delay and the fracas, St. Paul's ended up winning the game 20-3.

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