Manufacturing facility, new jobs, moving to Baton Rouge

BATON ROUGE, LA (AP/WAFB) - A company that makes liquid level gauges is moving its manufacturing and headquarters facility from Houston to Baton Rouge.

Jogler LLC announced the plans Friday at an event with Gov. Bobby Jindal. Governor Jindal commented about companies usually leaving the state.

"You know, for too many years, we've heard about companies moving from Louisiana to Texas, this is the opposite.  We've actually got a company moving to Louisiana from Texas," said Jindal.

The move will happen in November.

The governor's office says the relocation will create 60 new direct jobs in the capital city, averaging a $59,300 annual salary, but those won't all be available immediately. The jobs will be filled within the next 10 years.

Jogler manufactures liquid level indicators, sight flow indicators, magnetic level indicators and level controls for various industries.

Jogler owner Jack Harper is a Louisiana businessman. He moved his family to Texas after buying Jogler, but decided the company should be back in Louisiana. They are outfitting a facility within Industriplex in the Siegen Lane area.

The company will receive tax breaks from the state, along with assistance in worker training.

"As far as the taxes are concerned, it's true they don't have a income tax in Texas, but they have plenty of taxes to replace that.  Trust me. I got my first property tax and was quite shocked," Harper said, laughing.

The Baton Rouge Area Chamber, an organization that leads economic development in the Baton Rouge metropolitan area, released a statement on the Jogler relocation, congratulating the business on its decision.

CEO of BRAC Adam Knapp said, "We are seeing very strong growth in the manufacturing sector covering many critical components of the supply chain – from fuel to materials, chemicals, and equipment. The development of precision gauges at Jogler is a great example of this."

Knapp also added, "Thanks to a great business environment and quality talent, chances are most of your everyday products were touched by the Baton Rouge Area somewhere in the manufacturing process."

Hiring starts next month in November when Jogler plans to move in.

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