Government shutdown continuation may affect veteran benefits

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - There are many reasons why we value our freedom in America. One of those is the sacrifices made by our veterans. But, as we continue to count the days of Washington's government shutdown, Air Force veteran Shannon Allen is counting too; because if the shutdown continues, she will lose her benefits.

"To hear that they didn't have a plan in place to protect it, its nerve wracking,"  said Allen who was medically discharged.

Allen is one of 320,000 veterans in Louisiana. Many like her depend on a monthly check from the government to survive. But with her next payment from the government now in limbo, she is forced to find money somewhere else.

"We are looking to take a loan out to pay our bills," said Allen.

"I think this is the top of the iceberg," said David LaCerte interim secretary of Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs.

LaCerte agrees that veteran's benefits are in jeopardy and might be cut off come November. He says the government needs to figure out something fast. He stresses Uncle Sam owes it to them.

"These folks have put their lives on the line for us and I think we need to go back a bat for them," said LaCerte.

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