Opponents of proposed city of St. George hold public meeting

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The group One Community One School District held a public meeting Thursday to share with residents what they believe is the real truth behind the proposed city of St. George.

"They're carving out a section of town that is wealthier and whiter than what they are leaving behind," said Belinda Davis, President of One Community One School District.

Davis says the creation of St. George would have crippling effects on the East Baton Rouge School System.

"Our argument has not changed. We think this is going to be bad for the children in St. George. They will have reduced choices regarding education options and we think it's certainly going to be bad for the children left behind in the East Baton Rouge Parish School System," added Davis.

Presenters also disputed the argument that tax dollars generated in the St. George area are not returned to St. George, saying that people all over the parish pay the taxes, but those in support of the new city counter the move would only make East Baton Rouge Parish a more desired place to live.

"We think by incorporating the city of St. George this will become an economic stimulant for the parish," said Dustin Yates of the Committee to Incorporate the City of St. George. "We follow under the consolidated form of government here and we believe that it's the best interest of the parish to keep people in the parish."

"We've been supporting that area with roads and infrastructure for decades and now they are growing and thriving they are deciding they don't want to be with us anymore and as a taxpayer it's frustrating because we have helped spur their economic growth," said Davis.

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