EBR Sheriff asking voters to renew a 10 year millage on election day

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The East Baton Rouge Sheriff's department will be eyeing next Saturday's election results as they seek to renew a 10 year tax that partially funds the office. The 6.9 millage funds a large percent of the office and if it somehow got defeated it would devastate the office, according to a sheriff's spokesperson.

"This millage represents nearly 30 percent of the Sheriff's Office budget so it's huge that we would be able to renew this," says spokesperson Casey Hicks. "Otherwise it would mean we would have to drastically cut back on personnel and other services to the community."

The renewal has been quietly making its way to the voting booth with little fan-fare so far."Yes and I think by design because those who are going to vote for it are going to be there on election day and there's no reason to stir up those who are against it and there's no organized opposition," says political analyst Jim Engster. "It's hard to vote against law enforcement in a city a community that has one of the highest major crime levels in the united states and there's evidence that it's going down and I think the Sheriff can take credit for that or at least try to take credit for that by virtue of that and I think people are inclined to vote for law enforcement."

East Baton Rouge parish tax assessor Brian Wilson says renewals by and large pass. "It's just renewals so it's not a new tax so it's an existing millage that's already there. So a homeowner will not be paying anything extra that they are not paying now."

Typically homeowners with $100,000 homes will pay $17.25 a year with their homestead exemption and $200,000 homes will pay $86.25.

Early voting ends on Saturday the election is October 19th.

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