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Is the 'Perfect Pancake Pan' a flop??

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Are you a big fan of pancakes? I am, so I jumped at the chance to pick up the product that claims to make the 'perfect' pancakes! 'The Perfect Pancake Pan' promises to make you the best pancakes and fried eggs within about eight minutes. But does it really work? I 'Try It Before You Buy It.'

'The Perfect Pancake Pan' looks like a typical griddle, but it comes in two halves. The top half resembles a normal griddle, but the bottom half has four indention's where you pour pancake batter. The idea is fill the pan with your pancake batter, then let cook over medium heat for approximately four minutes. Once you see the bubbles coming to the top of the batter you close the top and flip the pan over to cook on the opposite side.

Most of you will probably use such an item in your kitchen on the stove. I chose to try it out on my propane camping stove since I thought this would be a great product to take camping, if it works.

Once my stove was ready, I put the 'Perfect Pancake Pan' to the test.

After about 4 minutes I noticed the bubbles evenly covering the batter on all four of the pancakes so I closed the lid and flipped. The directions advise to flip the pan away from any heat source in the event of spillage. Another four minutes and I took the pan off the heat. The four pancakes slid out nicely from the non-stick surface. However, I let them cook a little too long, or had the heat up a little too much. My pancakes were a little on the crispy side!

In the end, the 'Perfect Pancake Pan' passed my test. It was easy to use and performed as promised. As a plus, you can also cook four eggs with the pan as well. Just crack them into the four separate indentations on the bottom side of the pan and go to cooking!

I would recommend that you use a non-stick spray on the pan even though it has a non-stick surface. The second time I used the 'Perfect Pancake Pan' my pancakes did stick a bit, because I didn't use the spray. Time will judge whether or not the 'Perfect Pancake Pan' continues to perform well after numerous uses. Cleanup is easy too and the pan is dishwasher safe.

I purchased the 'Perfect Pancake Pan' in the 'As Seen on TV' aisle in a local Walgreens store for $20.

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