Louisiana urged to remain hurricane ready

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - While the peak of hurricane season may be behind us, it isn't officially over until the end of November, which means you still need to be ready in case tropical weather threatens Louisiana.

The tail end of the season is the perfect time to check your emergency kits and storm supply. Make sure you have plenty batteries, plywood and tarps, a full first aid kit and lots of water.

The staff at Home Depot on Coursey Boulevard said this is also the perfect time to make sure your generators are in good condition and that you have engine oil and gas to keep it running well in the event of a storm.

Another thing to note is the government shutdown will have an effect on storm response.

While the US Coast Guard said it will continue search and rescue response, Facebook posts from the headquarters of FEMA, the National Hurricane Center and Army Corps of Engineers indicate social media updates will be limited and less frequent because of the furlough.

"I think what we have in place now is a short-term fix with some of our revolving accounts to be able to deal with the short-term," said Ken Holder with the Army Corps of Engineers. "If it goes for a long-time, we'll have other issues that will have to be faced."

Despite that, the meteorologist with the National Weather Service in New Orleans said she will continue to run the weather radios and social media accounts. The Army Corps of Engineers in New Orleans confirmed it will remain at the ready if a storm heads this way.

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