LSU and Southern release campus crime stats reports

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Just how safe are students on the two university campuses in Baton Rouge? New reports from LSU and Southern break down crime stats over the past three years.

This report contains statistics for various crimes that happen on or near campus. Most days, LSU's campus is bustling with students with lots of things on their mind. For most, crime usually is not one of those things.

"I'm aware that crime happens on campus and I get the police reports and the emails and I think in any dense environment, you're going to have some crime," said Matty Williams, an LSU grad student.

According to the university's annual security and fire report, LSU did see its fair share of crimes in the 2012 school year. The report shows spikes in crimes like forcible sex offenses, robbery and burglary on campus, along with robbery off-campus.

Capt. Cory Lalonde with LSUPD said while there are still lots of violent crimes happening on campus, his officers and the community have been working together to improve things over the past few years.

"In 2011, we responded to a total of 14,000 calls for service," Lalonde explained. "That was the year we implemented the 'See Something Say Something' campaign. In 2012, we had 18,000 calls for service, so almost a 4,000 calls for service per year increase."

Lalonde added officials have restructured patrol shifts to keep as many officers on the street as possible. Some students said they've noticed the change, but understand officers cannot be everywhere all the time, so students and staff need to do their part too.

"There are some really dark places on this campus at night that aren't very brightly lit," said Katie Glascock, an LSU senior. "I mean you just have to look around a lot. You can't have your phone out, staring at it while you're walking because that's when people take advantage of you."

"I do feel that in the surrounding environment, there's a good deal of patrolmen out. So, that is an added element of security for me as well," said Williams.

Lalonde said aside from the "See Something Say Something" campaign, his department plans to spend more time educating faculty, staff and the community on ways to avoid being victims of crimes of opportunity.

Here's the breakdown of Southern's 2012 report (totals include on campus, residence halls and non-campus facilities):

Sexual assault - 3 (2011 - 0)
Robbery - 11 (2011 - 9)
Aggravated assault - 5 (2011 - 4)
Burglary - 62 (2011 - 35)
Motor vehicle theft - 2 (2011 - 0)
Drug arrests - 12 (2011 - 8)

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