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Martin Army Hospital impacted by government shutdown


Dacia Martin has worked at Martin Army Community Hospital for the last five years. With parts of the government shut down, for now, that could mean no income for this mother of two young children.

"I know Nission Essential Personnel will stay here but I do medical supply so I feel like they are going to keep the nurses and the doctor and it makes sense," Martin said. "So patient care can carry on and the rest of us will go home."

Colonel Scott Avery, the Commander at Martin Army Hospital, says the hospital is already impacted and could possibly see more furloughs if a deal is not reached by Congress soon.

"We do have a few employees that we have that we have had to let go on the furlough, but we are taking that work station by work station to insure that our services are not interrupted here at Martin Army Community Hospital," Col. Avery said.

Col. Avery says healthcare won't be impacted by the government shutdown. He encourages all employees to talk with their supervisors to know if they should expect to be furloughed.

But for people like Martin, it's like walking on egg shells never knowing when the rug might be pulled from under you.

"Tomorrow they could tell me 'Dacia Martin, you can go home and we will let you know when you can come back' but my bills will continue to come," Martin said.

Col. Avery says that Martin Army Hospital services will continue to operate on a normal schedule for the time being.

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