Fights at school bus transfer site now under investigation by EBRSO

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Parents of two East Baton Rouge Parish School students say their kids were involved in fights at the school transfer station on North Sherwood Forest Avenue last week.

Mary Brown's daughter Danesha was involved in a scuffle. "I was shocked the way [the sheriff's deputy] manhandled her," says Brown. "I understand the fight that they had but he was wrong for how he shoved her down."

A video tape showed the fight and a sheriff's deputy intervening. The East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office issued this statement:

The East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office Internal Affairs division received a call from a mother on Friday in reference to deputies breaking up a fight that her daughter was involved in at a school bus transfer site last Thursday. The mother stated she had a video of the incident. The detective in IA attempted to make arrangements to meet with the woman to discuss any concerns she might have as well as to view the video. The woman stated she was attempting to make copies of the video for other parties and would have to get back with the detective. When the detective recontacted her about meeting, the woman cursed the deputy, stated she would rather go to the media and hung up the phone.

At this time we have not received a formal complaint of the incident. WAFB has provided the Sheriff's Office with the video, and we will review it, question the parties involved and take action if deemed appropriate.

Another parent told 9News his son was sucker punched the day before the previous incident. His son is scheduled for surgery on Wednesday to repair his jaw that was broken in two places.

School superintendent Bernard Taylor tells 9News somebody will be getting into trouble. "It's not an ongoing issue from what you described we had three students who made some pretty bad judgments and they are going to pay for those bad judgments because we have disciplinary procedures in place that are employed when students do things that are clearly not in line with what we expect, and we're going to make sure that the appropriate disciplinary action is taken," says Taylor.

The East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office is currently investigating the incidents.

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