Residents sue Monolyte Labs after explosion

SLAUGHTER, LA (WAFB) - There's a big legal battle brewing in the small Town of Slaughter, LA. Some people who live there said they got sick after a fire last year.

It's hard to forget the big blast over the Slaughter last November. People who live nearby stood outside and watched as Monolyte Labs burned. The facility has been leveled and the roads have reopened. But residents claim they are still dealing with the illnesses they said they got from the chemicals released that day.

"I started going to the doctor on November 26, and I'm still seeing a pulmonologist," Carlene Freemyer said.

Freemyer and eleven others who live near the site are suing Monolyte Labs, which mixed chemicals at the facility to produce products for waste water treatment.

According to the lawsuit, "the facility contained numerous chemicals, some of which were classified as hazardous, and many of which cause adverse human health effects."

"I've been in the hospital twice, emergency room three or four times, and I'm still with my respiratory doctor now," Freemyer said.

Mayor Robert Jackson said he, too, has had issues with Monolyte Labs. While his weren't health related he said the company has made little effort to remove the waste that still remains on the site or remediate the property.

"I know there's a problem getting rid of the contaminants but we're not the storage facility anymore for their waste," Jackson said.

Jackson said he wants the slab removed and the property sold to a more community-friendly business, like a neighborhood grocery store. Residents agree it would be a nice change but said right now they are focused on one thing.

"I just want to feel better. I'm sick from this," Freemyer said.

No one with Monolyte Labs responded to 9News for comment.

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