Community center director addresses mismanagement concerns

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A metro councilwoman wants the director of the Jewel Newman Community Center, in Scotlandville, fired. But Carl Slaughter is fighting to keep his job.

For two hours on Thursday, Slaughter addressed allegations that he's is responsible for the center's rundown conditions. He and attorney Jill Craft, presented documents to the parish attorney that they say shows that councilwoman Chauna Banks-Daniel knew about the problems inside the center and the plans to fix them, but is trying to place the blame on Slaughter.

"She was given the invoices, given the estimates. They were prepared by the city-parish for repairs at the center and she decided not to," said Craft.

Councilwoman Banks-Daniel is pushing for Slaughter, a 34-year city employee, to be terminated as director of the center. In the last week, she partially closed the center due to some potential hazards found the state fire marshal. Those hazards, Slaughter says he made the councilwoman aware of.

In April, Craft says her client gave the councilwoman a list of things that needed to be repaired and began getting estimates.

"Like the security upgrades she requested ... got an estimate and put that in her hands. The same thing is true with the lighting system," Craft said.

Banks-Daniel has said the hazards at the center are the part of the mismanagement by Slaughter. But Slaughter says he had a spending limitation of just $499, which is why sent her the invoices for repairs that totaled more than two thousand dollars.

No decision came out of Thursday's hearing. Craft says they were told Banks-Daniel and the parish attorney will talk about was presented. Slaughter says he just wants to get back to work.

"It's time we stop this foolishness. Let's work together. So the ball is in her court. I'm willing to," Slaughter said.

9News was unable to ask the councilwoman any questions. Upon seeing our camera, she used an employee only entrance to move through the building.

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