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Wildlife and Fisheries fight spreading Giant Salvinia in Cypress-Black Bayou Lakes

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Giant Salvinia is a thick grassy weed on the water that has been suffocating the life of the Ark-la-Tex's lakes for years now. Cypress and Black Bayou's Lakes are the latest bodies of water to see the green plant take over, in fact 41 acres of water are covered with the Salvinia and it's spreading. 

Wildlife and Fisheries Director of Inland Fisheries Mike Wood explained since the Salvinia issue is in its early stages at these lakes, they aren't holding back with spraying herbicides meant to kill the weed. "Our herbicide applications are well underway, in fact I think we have most of it sprayed right now," said Wood.

He explained that residents can see where crews have recently sprayed the lake, because whatever the herbicides hit turn brown for the day. The brown pigment is meant to make it easier for workers to know where they've sprayed. Wood told concerned lake residents in a meeting Thursday afternoon, that right now the lakes are pretty good shape but there is still a threat because of the plants tremendous reproductive capabilities.  "I wish I could say we are going to fix it, but I have to be quite honest, we are going to control it, from this point forward," he said. "Short of any kind of break through maybe in the cold tolerant weevils, or some type of herbicide, or something we don't know of right now, we're going to be dealing with this for a long time, I'm afraid," said Wood. 

Wildlife and Fisheries contractors are spraying everywhere they can reach and where they can't reach, Wood said, they are bringing in airboats within the next few weeks to take care of it. 

Salvinia is most common right here in the Ark-La-Tex because most of our lakes are flooded swamps and perfect growing conditions for the massive weed. Wood also held a meeting at Doyline High School to update residents about the Salvinia problem in Lake Bistineau. 

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