Lutheran Cemetery becoming overgrown

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Gregory Eames lost his son in 2008 and now has lost his wife to lung cancer. But instead of worrying about laying his wife to rest, he has to deal with the condition she will be resting in.

Lutheran Cemetery is one of many cemeteries in Baton Rouge that are crumbling.  The cemeteries are looking more like forests, with overgrown grass, and broken crypts. Eames is worried his wife's crypt will be neglected as well.

"No way can people I know come and walk over this, I cut grass for a living," said Eames.

On Wednesday, he cut the high grass surrounding the cemetery. But he says maintenance is not his responsibility and he wants the community to get more involved.

District 10 Councilwoman Tara Wicker said the city has been getting help from volunteers willing to help maintain the cemeteries. She said there is little the city can do since the resting places are privately owned and the owners are unable to afford the upkeep.

"I hope the individuals who own the cemeteries, and the city officials, and whoever is available that can come together and find out what we can realistically do about this problem, "said Wicker.

Overgrown cemeteries are also a health risk.  Sitting waters and high grass attract mosquitoes.

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