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City fixing problem that created river of sewage in man's yard


Relief is on the way for a resident of Shreveport's Martin Luther King neighborhood who woke up Tuesday morning to a river of raw sewage in his yard.

"I got up and heard all this bubbling going on there," Lee Marshall says of the mess right next to his house on Victor Street.

He believes the problem is with this pump station located near his house.

KSLA News 12 set out to get some answers from the City of Shreveport, and learned that it's not a pump station problem, but an eight inch sewer line collapsed on nearby Hattie Street.

On Thursday, public works crews were preparing to make repairs to the collapsed sewage line.

Since Marshall's yard is at the lowest point in the area, he and his dog are the unlucky recipients of the raw sewage. "I want them to fix it, shouldn't have to come in my yard."

Shreveport Director of Water and Sewerage Lonnie Fouts says crews are doing all the prep work in order to dig about 15 feet below the surface to make necessary repairs, which should be complete within a few days.

Marshall says it's unhealthy for him, his dog, and his family."When my grandkids come here they're around it"

The crew that responded to his complaint was a welcome sight, but he says it's happened several times before."Every time I call someone from the city I get a different answer. A different crew comes out saying it's the first they heard of it." 

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