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Water official: Brown water in downtown LC likely due to hydrant flushing


Did you turn on your water faucet on Wednesday and see brown water?

The water was brown in downtown Lake Charles in the area of Iris and Clarence Streets.

The homeowner decided against taking a bath, figuring it might defeat the purpose.

Water company officials say it's likely due to hydrant flushing in the area.

Russell Buckels, Lake Charles water superintendent, said it won't hurt you to drink it or bathe in it, though he admits no one would want to.

"It would be safe to bathe in and to cook or drink but most people would not want to drink it when it's like that and I wouldn't want to drink it either if it came to my house like that. The best thing to do is to contact us if it happens. We can come out and get a reading on your water meter and take a reading and let you do some internal flushing, flush all that material out. It should clear up shortly and then we'll do an adjustment on the water bill where you won't be charged for the amount of water you flushed," Buckels said.

Buckels said such problems often come and go as there are changes made in distribution systems in various neighborhoods.

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