Residents at apartment complex without power after building collapse

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Detra Warren stared in disbelief at the rubble on the back side of her apartment building Tuesday afternoon.

"Everything, that's like the whole back of the building fell over down there," said Warren.

Warren and other residents in the 22-unit apartment building say they have been without electricity since Tuesday morning after Entergy workers surveyed the damage and shut down power.

An Entergy spokesman released a statement to WAFB which reads:

"We de-energized the service for safety reasons. Once the complex completes the repairs and receives all necessary permits, then we will be able to restore electrical service."

That creates a huge unknown for Warren and her neighbors, who say the complex owner is not providing them with any alternative until repairs can be made.

"They saying they can't accommodate any of us. It's got elderly people back here living in this complex where I live, people on oxygen machines and everything and our power is out. They telling us they can't accommodate us, they have nowhere for us to go," said Warren.

WAFB spoke to a man who more than 10 residents identified as Roy Carter and who they say is the owner of the affected Catherine Square Apartments. The man had a much different story and gave us no timetable on when the building would be fixed.

"We're from Channel 9, are you the owner of the complex?" the man was asked.

"No I'm not the owner," answered the man.

"You're not the owner?"

"No. We're trying to get this all cleaned up," said the man.

The amount of destruction leaves serious doubt that any repairs will come soon and that has tenants with medical conditions concerned about their well-being.

"Would you accommodate those folks?" the man was asked.

"Oh yeah we're trying to do everything that we can," answered the man identified as the complex owner.

"Does that include putting them up? What sort of things can you do?"

"Anything we can," said the man.

Warren however says nothing is being done and with her rent paid for the month she wonders what is next.

"Do you have any idea what you're going to do?"

"I have no idea, none. I don't have nowhere to go," said Warren.

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