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Neglected and dirty Bossier City park concerns parents


A neglected and dirty Bossier City Park called "Field of Dreams" has some parents calling the area a complete nightmare.

Paige Sharpley was in the area and looking for a place for her kids to run and play, "I was either going to go to the one on Swan Lake or this one, but this one just has so much more room," said Sharpley, but what the Bossier mom saw when she arrived, surprised her.

Faded paint, graffiti, trash, and rusted metal is everywhere in the park. The neglect is something she isn't used to seeing at a Bossier City park, "It doesn't look like the rest of the parks, most of them are nice and this one is just down, it doesn't look normal," Sharpley explained. One of two filthy water fountain spouts is broken at the park and it's not the only thing broken: the swing set, the railing on this pier, and parts of the playground need fixing.

19-year-old Jasmine Lampkin visited the park often as a kid and she remembers the park looking better back then. "The playground was definitely a lot nicer and there was more color on the playground and there was no graffiti at all," said Lampkin.

KSLA News 12 asked Bossier City Spokesman Mark Natale why the park looks so neglected, "It's not a funding issue, it's more of an awareness issue," said Natale and explained the Park and Rec department hadn't received any complaints about the park's condition until KSLA News 12 brought it to their attention. Now Natale says they are on it, "An assessment has been done regarding some of the discrepancies that are out here at the park and those will be addressed as early as today," he said.

As far as what needs to be done, Sharpley has a simple solution. "I think they need to re-do a whole new playground, I think they need to rebuild it all,"

Natale encourages the public to let them know when there is trouble at any of the parks within city limits.

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