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Family dog stolen, residents believe it's part of bigger problem


We first met Kelly Spence and her family this weekend after massive flooding took over their Moss Bluff home.

"We just started picking up as much as we could. We could only get bare necessities it was coming in so fast," recalled Spence.

They sought refuge with family on Pujo Street, only to be victimized a second time.

"We've had so much tragedy and somebody goes and steals my dog," said Spence.

Spence said on Saturday, her two Chihuahuas got out and took off down the street. The dogs would make a couple of blocks away to Louisiana and Iris Street, where a neighbor actually tried to get the dogs, but not before witnessing one of them picked up and stolen by a passerby.

"She saw my dogs being picked up and she could tell that it wasn't their people because they were barking and biting them. And so, she managed to grab one of them - Coco. But they snapped the other one up ... Prince, and threw him in the car," said Spence.

Lake Charles Police were contacted. The suspect car is described as an older model black Cadillac.

Resident Dawn Kelly said it's not the first time it's happened and said around July, she and others started seeing a pattern.

"It was around the time our friend's cat turned up missing and then we started seeing more and more animals disappearing at that point. Sallier area, Country Club area, Moss Bluff area and some over in Sulphur," said Kelly.

Spence said she just wants her dog back - no questions asked.

"I'm afraid they are going to hurt him or kill him or put him in a dog fight. And I'm afraid I will never see him again. I'm upset and want my dog back," said Spence.

In the meantime, they want others in the area to beware.

"Right now - keep small animals inside, take them out on a leash ... Until law enforcement is able to figure out what is going on because there is too many of them," said Kelly.

The family is offering a $500 reward. If you have information, call 337-529-7570.

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