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Say Cheese!: Stolen smartphone outsmarts robber

A cell phone snapped a picture all by itself, and that gave police their big break after an armed robbery of two students at Case Western Reserve University.

A smart pre-med student taught a phone how to outsmart a thug with a gun late one night this month -- two Case Western students were robbed at gunpoint of their phones. It happened just across the street from campus.

Arjun Vankatesh went to his computer. He put a lock on his phone to protect his personal information. But when the robber tried to break the security code 5 times, the phone snapped a picture of the guy. And the picture was sent automatically to Arjun in an email.

"I went home and almost laughed when Isaw a picture of the guy," said Arjun. "Every five times it takes a picture with your front camera. That's what it did for me and sent me a picture of the guy."

The security feature is called lookout.

Arjun Vankatesh the sent the picture he got of the bad guy to campus police. He says they then pulled a bunch of mugshots of guys arrested in the past. The victims picked out a 25 year old convict.  

So university police have a warrant out for a suspect.  We checked. He's had two convictions in weapons cases and even been cleared once of reckless homicide.

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