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Train derailment rattles Werner Park residents


Neighbors were rattled by the sound of a train derailment in Shreveport's Werner Park neighborhood early Saturday morning. 

It happened just before 8 a.m. along the tracks at Corbitt and Alto Vista streets. Raquel Espinoza with Union Pacific says two locomotives and two empty flat bed railroad cars derailed. The accident scattered pieces of the train all over, even collapsing a fence.

Neighbors described the sound as a large booming noise that woke them up early Saturday morning, "I just thought it was thunder, but come to find out, its not," said James Clark who lives just steps away from where the train cars came off their tracks. "That roaring thundering noise lasted a long time and I just thought it was unusual," Clark added.

"It was scary, you never see stuff like this!" said neighbor Jonathan Benjamin as he pointed toward the derailed trains.

Crews closed Alto Vista street road for much of the day and finished re-railing the cars and locomotives by 5 p.m.  Espinoza explained to KLSA News 12 the next step is to inspect the cars for damage. 

According to Espinoza, there was no collision and explained it's too soon to tell what caused the derailment. Union Pacific will be assessing the cost of the damage in the coming days.


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