Pregnant weightlifting mom in CA gets mixed responses on FB picture

Lea-Ann Ellison's Facebook page
Lea-Ann Ellison's Facebook page

LOS ANGELES (WAFB) - An expectant California mom's Facebook  picture is inspiring many others and increasing her popularity with every view. Why? Probably because she is lifting heavy weights while 8 months pregnant.

After Lea-Ann Ellison, 35, of Los Angeles posted a picture on September 15 of her holding heavy weights over her head,  it blazed online, getting over 17,500 views or comments and over 3,000 shares.

Ellison stated on her page  how she has gotten mixed feedback about the picture, saying she has received many likes on the picture. "Some haters, of course, but mostly love."

Ellison also commented on her Facebook page ( ) about how she could not believe the attention her picture was receiving "Ummmm…oh my God you guys…. ," states Ellison, "I can't believe this photo has caused this much stir but it makes me hopeful that it will inspire other strong healthy moms to continue on doing what they love."

Ellison continued on her Facebook page, stating that pregnancy is not an illness. "Get it, Moms!," she said.

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