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'Hwy 80 waving lady' brings smiles, prayers to roadside ministry


She's come to be known as the "Highway 80 waving lady" by many of the morning commuters that have come to expect to see her outside Central Assembly of God near Haughton every morning.

In fact, when she's not there, people worry. When KSLA News 12 received several emails asking who she was and what her story is, we set out to find the answers.

We found her, and the answers, in her usual spot on a recent morning, greeting passersby with a smile and a wave. "Good morning!" she says as they pass, unable to hear her but no doubt getting the message.

Nena Fowler says she loves it when they wave back. "Oh I love it! Makes me excited, excited because I now they've seen me and they're happy.

Three days a week, for an hour each morning, Fowler prays, waves and praises to her drive-by congregation.

"This is my waving ministry I call it.  What he's called me to do."

A few years ago, she says, she did it for 7 months straight. "God put it on my heart to do this and I ignored it. Then it overwhelmed me," Fowler explains. "I'm very sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and I listen."

She says every morning, she feels there is somebody that needs this. "Either they're sick in the body, or broken hearted."

She admits that a few years back, that somebody was her. "I was a mess," she says about her personal struggles, which including the passing of her husband. "I moved back here when my husband passed away. It's pretty hard, pretty hard."

Now, she's back, waving away. "This is like an altar to me." She says she doesn't know how long she'll continue her roadside waving ministry mission, but she believes the small gesture of a wave and a prayer can go a long way. "God is real good about taking little things and making big things out of them."

Whether she's helped encourage a passing stranger or simply brightened their morning, it's a mission accomplished. "If I can make a person happy and smile, it's good.  Don't you think?"

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