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Protect yourself before and after a house fire


Shreveport has seen a string of house fires in the past week, and firefighters are warning residents to take precautions to protect themselves and their belongings from an accidental fire.

A fatal fire Thursday morning on Southern Avenue left one man dead, and two days before a Shreveport woman lost everything she owned in another fire on Leroy Street.

"They helped me call an ambulance," said Linda Anderson the night her home went up in flames. She told fire investigators her home caught fire after she left candles lit while she slept.

"Candles smell good they look good, but don't leave them unattended. Light them, and when you are through with them put them out," says Chief Scott Wolverton.

Wolverton says leading causes of accidental house fires are either kitchen fires, electrical, or unattended candles.

If you rent, one way to protect your belongings is with renter's insurance. "It's very inexpensive," says Advanced Insurance Planning owner Jimmy Gulett. 

Gulett says if you rent, you can protect what you own for as little as $15 dollars a month with renter's insurance. 

"A lot of people say, oh I'm going to get that and never act," says Gulett. 

The Shreveport Fire Department will also install smoke detectors for free for all Shreveport residents. For more information you can call (318) 675-2144. 

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