New Roads fire victims trying to rebuild after six fires in less than a week

NEW ROADS, LA (WAFB) - Shannon Fields is now homeless after her New Roads home was damaged by a fire early Wednesday morning.

19-year-old Nick Powell confessed Thursday to lighting six of seven fires that sparked in New Roads since Monday.

Fields house was unfortunately right next to the abandoned home and caught on fire.

"All of the stuff I worked for is gone. I don't just have one job I have two jobs and now I have to start back over," said Fields

But with tragedy a community comes together. New Roads Mayor Robert Meyer has paired up with several organizations to help Fields and her family, get back on their feet.

"When one of our citizens hurt, we all hurt," said Meyer.

Meyer knows how difficult and traumatic losing a fire to a home is. His son was victim to a burn accident.

"This situation leaves this family asking why. I've been there asking why too," said Meyer.

For now the only thing that keeps Fields going through these difficult times is her children.

"I got to get them straight, and as long as I get them straight, I'm fine," said Fields.

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