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A look at Fort Polk security following Washington shooting


After Monday's mass shooting at the Washington Navy Yard in D.C., Fort Polk security officials like Army Maj. John Petkovich are looking at their own procedures to make sure they're doing right. 

"We train all of our soldiers and Department of the Army civilian police on active shooter everyday here on this installation," said Petkovich.  

Petkovich is the Provost Marshal of Fort Polk's Directorate of Emergency Services, or DES. While nothing can be 100 percent prevented, Petkovich said protocol and training is vital in unsuspecting situations. 

"We also coordinate with all of the other units here on the installation and organizations, whether it's a military organization or a civilian organization," Petkovich said. "We build up an active shooter plan for each of their buildings, and their organizations as well."

The DES oversees the post's security response for any scenario, ranging from a broken bone to a mass casualty event. 

"Our security protocols try to eliminate the threat before it comes onto the installation," Petkovich said.

Long before you can gain access to Fort Polk's installation, those security protocols are in effect.  

"That scan through - that system gets vetted against numerous persons of interests lists," said Gregory Funderburk, Fort Polk's Chief of Physical Security. "There are about 182,000 personnel that aren't authorized to come onto the post."

Visitors are also checked against law enforcement databases. 

"Visitors go to our visitor control center and they get a level - 3 NCIC check, which is a background check done through the law enforcement channels to find out if they're suitable to come onto the installation," Funderburk explained. 

"I have total confidence based on our training and our assessment of our training in all of the soldiers, the DA civilian police and the DA security guards, that we can respond effectively to any situation on the installation," Petkovich said.

Fort Polk attracts nearly 10,000 people everyday, 74,000 people each week and 4.1 million people annually. 

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