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Hundreds evacuated following ruptured gas line


More than 400 elementary school students were evacuated before lunch time in North Shreveport Thursday following the rupture of a two inch gas line off campus.

School officials used a phone- based communication system to tell parents that their kids were being evacuated. 

Reportedly the rupture was caused by a private construction company.
Emergency crews responded to the scene and were able to cut the flow of gas using a valve about a block away.
"Potentially with the release of natural gas you have the potential for it to collect and find an ignition source," said Scott Wolverton with the Shreveport Fire Department.

Victor Mainiero with Caddo Parish Schools said that two messages were sent to parents using the school's student communication system, one

Emergency crews blocked off several nearby streets while repairs were made to the pipe and students were escorted out of the building and to waiting parents.

"They said it was alright but I had to come get my babies," said parent, Reginald Davis.

The potential disaster was avoided, and after about 45 minutes the all clear was given, but some parents weren't convinced, and we saw lots of students going home for the day.

No injuries were reported.

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