Residents in Walker want condemned property cleared

WALKER, LA (WAFB) - Neighbors on one street in Walker, LA are still fuming, dealing with the remnants of a home that burned down four years ago following the Saints Super Bowl win. The home on Morning Glory Court is one of a few places on the list of condemned homes in Livingston Parish. Those who live around the house say it's time something be done.

"We've had snakes and there's a pool in the backyard that collects mosquitoes. My closest neighbors really have had problems," said Lynn Harris, who lives doors down from the home in question.

One of Harris' neighbors says the house still has an unpleasant smell.

"They had a sunken living room, it's full of water," the neighbor said.

They're not the only ones dealing with eyesores. In Denham Springs, on East Lakeside Drive, behind the overgrown grass there's another home that burned years ago. Neighbors there say the parish used to keep things cut, but now the sheriff's office runs teens out of the house from time to time.

Both homes and several others are on a condemnation list in Livingston Parish. Some others are on another list, to alert property owners that their homes need to be demolished.

Harris says several neighbors have been calling parish officials for years, to see what's preventing the home on Morning Glory from being leveled. She says all they've gotten is the run around.

"One says one thing, one says another ... There's no money in the budget, which is understandable but after four years you think somebody would appropriate something to come out and clean this up."

Harris says the orange plastic fence that's around the home isn't enough. Especially because she says pieces of the roof are still breaking off.

"It's really time something is done before somebody gets hurt," Harris said.

The parish building official says the parish council did designate money for his department. But to demolish a house, it would cost around $15,000. We're told that's money they just don't have, to clear every condemned home.

But whatever the price, Harris and her neighbors say they'd consider it money well spent.

"We're tired of looking at it."

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