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20+ students walk home after school bus driver kicks busload of students off

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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Over twenty Longview Independent School District students were kicked off a bus and told to walk home on Friday near the intersection of Garfield and High Street in Longview. A witness saw the students exit the bus and walk east on Garfield and cross high street, a busy four lane road in South Longview.

Laramie Jackson Pastor of Temple of Deliverance and Healing was dropping off some paperwork at the Boy’s and Girl’s Club of Longview when he saw a LISD School bus pull over across the street. Laramie Jackson called Longview Police, who told him to keep an eye on the students as they went home.

“She was parked in front of the church right down here, and I was inside the Boy’s and Girl’s Club, and actually we saw these children in the road," said Jackson. "We asked them where are you coming from, and of course we could see the bus and she was letting them all out. They said the bus driver was letting them all out because they were too loud and rowdy and put everyone off the bus. So these children were walking all in the road, on the side in the grass and they were coming this way. Our biggest fear was they were going to have to cross this intersection to get home, and they were saying they lived on the other side of town."

The students, who were from Forest Park Middle School, were let off in the Ware Elementary school zone, but the crossing guard wasn’t there at 5:45 when the children were dropped off.

“They came across the street and then they went down Garfield, and so the students were all over the place. Some of them live in this neighborhood, some didn’t. They lived in the next neighborhood, and some of them said they lived over on the other side of Green Street, so they still had a long way to walk,” Jackson recalled.

LISD was notified of the situation and is looking into it.

“We did receive a report that one of our bus drivers on Friday afternoon dropped students off well before their stop. We are in the process of investigating this. That bus driver as we speak is on administrative leave,” Adam Holland, LISD district spokesman said.

According to LISD this was the bus driver’s first year, and may have had second thoughts about her actions.

“The driver did remove the children from the bus and then tried to get them back on. Again, we’re investigating this. We have cameras, we have video of what happened on the bus and we’re reviewing all of that as we speak,” said Holland.

“By letting all the children off that bus that day, that was a very, very dangerous thing and luckily we haven’t heard anything negative, but it could have turned out worse,” Jackson said.

“We’re not going to tolerate it. You don’t drop children off in the middle of the route no matter what,” Holland added.

LISD says there are procedures for many things that could happen on a bus, and none of them include emptying the bus for disciplinary reasons.

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