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Moultrie filmmaker produces documentary on Syrian crisis

Brad Bailey Brad Bailey

Moultrie native Brad Bailey has seen a lot during his filmmaking career, but the Syrian crisis shocks even him.  

"I've been all over doing projects all over, but this is the first time I seen this issue in such severity," said Brad Bailey, Filmmaker.  

Bailey visited refugee camps in Jordan for a documentary highlighting the stories of people uprooted from their homes because of the brutal civil war in Syria.  He says he wants to educate the public about the ongoing crisis.  

"You have different populations and groups of people who have been uprooted from their homes and their life, and their whole existence and just forced to go to another country, and essentially at that point remake their lives," said Bailey.  

Bailey says even though it seems like it's a world away, the crisis in Syria affects all of us.

"Because I have been asked why is this important for us, well it's important for a lot of reasons because you have a country like, something as large or historic as Syria get uprooted, then that affects the geo political stability around the world," said Bailey.  

Bailey saw man images that show the struggle Syrians have to endure on a daily basis.  

"You had a lot of people who essentially live out of tents, and that's their life, whatever careers or lives they had before, what their lives are right now is living in a tent in a rocky desert and that's their existence," said Bailey.  

Some of the most moving things he saw dealt with the most innocent victims of the war.  

"One of the things I noticed about the Zaatari camp is the children over there had nothing to play with, they had nothing because they brought nothing," said Bailey.  

Bailey hopes his film will help raise money that will be used to help Syrians who are living in refugee camps. If you would like to make a donation visit

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