Relative of man found dead in vacant home speaks out

Juanita Washington
Juanita Washington

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Juanita Washington only has memories of her nephew Shawn Hartley after learning the 31-year-old was found beaten to death and left at a vacant home off the 2600 block of Wenonah Street last Thursday.

"We were told to check the coroner's office and see if that was Shawn that had been screaming and hollering and begging for his life," said Washington.

Now, she is searching for answers and thinks he was murdered to keep him quiet. Hartley was a witness in a murder back in March. Washington says he asked for protection from police.

"We expected the system to protect him, not to just use him for information," said Washington.

Washington said her nephew was never the violent type.

"I know he didn't fight back while he was being brutally beat to death. He was probably was crying for help," said Washington.

For now, she can only hold on to memories that continue to keep her searching for more answers.

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