Glitch allows Baton Rouge man to buy $10 tickets to Hawaii

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The United Airlines ticket counter at the Baton Rouge Metro Airport is seeing its typical foot traffic for a Friday.

David Hertel is taking off on an expensive business trip overseas.

"The flight to Houston I think is around $600 to 800 and flight to Singapore is $8000," said Hertel.

Carrie Arceneaux and her family are heading to Alabama.  How much does a ticket from Baton Rouge to Birmingham usually cost?

"Way more than you would think, about $300," said Arceneaux.

For a short time on Thursday, United's website advertised a long list of flights to Hawaii for $10 apiece.  It wasn't a joke.  Baton Rouge resident Josh Dean says he saw the hot fare and went for it.

"I was expecting about $1,100 or $1,200 for the tickets and I got them for $10," said Dean.

Dean says a friend of his who works for the airline told him the fare was the real deal, but it wasn't until he got an email from United that something clicked.

"I realized it was real when I got the confirmation email that said your flight's booked. You're ready to go," said Dean. "I immediately thought I should go back and buy some more tickets, but the website was down by that point."

United reported an error on its website caused the airline to sell tickets from 0 to $10.  The airline has not said how many tickets were sold before the error was spotted.

"Wow! That's amazing! That's almost like winning the lottery," said Arceneaux.

Dean definitely hit the jackpot.  One day later on United's website, the same roundtrip flight from Baton Rouge to Maui is listed at just over $1,200.

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