Crowley saggy pants law goes into effect

(WAFB) - Crowley police are enforcing a new law on this Friday the 13th. It could be an unlucky day for some people who are wearing their clothes the way a new law says they can't. Effective September 13th,  Article Two: Chapter 7 of the Crowley Code of Ordinances says the wearing of baggy pants inside the city limits is illegal.

"It is a wonderful thing that we have this ordinance because I have a 14 year old son, and he does not sag," says Jerri Bray. "He doesn't believe in sagging, and if you're going to represent the community of Crowley-- a wonderful solid community, pick your pants up."

Sherard Joseph is the pastor of the Jerusalem Baptist Church in Crowley. He also applauds the new law.

"I know that baggy pants ordinance is a touchy subject," says Joseph. "But our youth; our kids especially young black African American males need to understand that certain rules and regulations need to be enforced."

Crowley police Chief K.P. Gibson says he will be sending out a warning to the saggy baggies.

"Our citizens feel that it's a menace what our goal is to educate the folks who are wearing their pants in that respect and ask them to be respectful under garments are just that they are under garments," says Gibson.

A  fine of not more than 200 dollars for a first offense comes with getting a ticket.

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