United Airlines will honor tickets bought for less than $10

BATON ROUGE, LA (AP/WAFB) - United Airlines says it will honor the tickets it accidentally gave away for free. The decision is good news for people who snapped up the tickets yesterday after United accidentally listed airfares at zero cost.

Many customers got their tickets for $5 or $10, paying only the cost of the security fee.

United isn't saying how many tickets it accidentally gave away, or how much the mistake cost. The wrong fares were available on its website for a few hours.

In a statement released to WAFB on the matter, they said "United has reviewed the error that occurred yesterday and decided that, based on these specific circumstances, we will honor the tickets."

WAFB's Cheryl Mercedes spoke to a Baton Rouge man who was in on the deal, and you won't believe where he is going with a $10 ticket. That story tonight on 9News at 6.