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Investigators ask for help identifying possible sexters


Huntsville investigators need your help identifying men who police believe are violating an eighth-grader continuously by sending her lewd pictures of themselves.

Sexting is a crime that grows as technology advances. Some teens believe it only affects your reputation. But when it involves children, it inherently involves police.

"It could go from something harmless in nature or intention to something that could potentially ruin the rest of their lives," said Madison Police Lt. Terrell Cook. Cook spoke to us about the case, although their department is not involved in this particular investigation.

In the case of one eighth-grader, it involves help from the public. Huntsville investigators said they found dozens of pictures on the child's cell phone. Many are too explicit to post online or broadcast; several contain nudity and sexual content.

Huntsville investigators say they want to find and interview each one of the men.

However, this isn't the first and certainly won't be the last sexting crime in the Tennessee Valley. It's why Cook wants to help. He said putting limitations and security controls on your child's favorite gadget is your best bet.

"There are a lot of options out there," Cook said. "Contact your cell phone service provider. They may be able to add an extra layer of security there."

And while parents may be the best line of defense, education is key. Cook said teaching your child when to ask for help can put alleged criminals behind bars before another child is violated.

If you recognize any of them, please make the anonymous phone call to Huntsville area crime stoppers at 256-53-CRIME. There's a cash reward waiting for you.

UPDATE: Several photos have been deleted after investigators spoke with and cleared the men.

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