Petition to recall Port Allen mayor heads to Gov. Jindal

Mayor Deedy Slaughter
Mayor Deedy Slaughter

PORT ALLEN, LA (WAFB) - The recall petition against Port Allen Mayor Deedy Slaughter is heading to Gov. Jindal's desk.

The West Baton Rouge Registrar of Voters certified 1,387 signatures after receiving 1,521 last Tuesday.  

Governor Jindal now has 15 days with the help of the attorney general to verify the information and call for an election to recall Mayor Slaughter.

"When it comes to the election, we will follow the law. If the Registrar sends us the signatures, we will work with the AG's office. If there are 1,273 signatures as required by law, then we will issue the proclamation," said Gov. Jindal on September 3rd.

The deadline to make the November 16th election is October 1st.

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