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Youth football team shaves heads to support one of biggest fans


Youth sports can teach kids a lot of things like dedication, perseverance and responsibility.

In Hillsboro, the Century Youth Football team is learning another important lesson, one many don't learn until adulthood.

They've pushed themselves to do something they've never done before, and it's all in the name of one of their biggest supporters both on and off the field.

For years, Coach Joe Keizur has watched these boys grow.

Boys who barely knew their way around a football field when he met them

"Gosh, they were about three feet tall, all goofy and gangly, and they just basically ran around and picked weeds," said Keizur.

But a lot has changed since then.

Joe Keizur says the boys have grown into young men and have grown together as a family.

"It's a very enjoyable process to see them grow," said Joe Keizur.

And for family, they'd do just about anything.

"We're like a band of brothers," said eighth grade quarterback Jacob Conover.

That's why, one by one, the boys of the eighth grade varsity football team shaved off all of their hair.

Not just for the sake of it, rather for what it represents

"We all came together in that moment and stuck together as a team," said Conover.

Keizur's wife Kaycee has a rare form of bone marrow cancer. Because of treatment, she's lost her hair.

The boys say the team shaved their heads to show Kaycee her football family is right there with her.

"We surprised her at practice. We all popped our tops and pointed to her and hit our hearts," said Conover. "After that, my mom said she started crying."

It was a bittersweet moment for Joe Keizur as he prepares to bow out as coach to take care of his family at home.

"When they all took off their helmets and showed me, of course I got emotional. It was emotional," said Joe Keizur. "It caps off what's going to be a big, important season."

It was also a memorable moment for the boys as they enter their final season together as a team before parting ways in high school.

"It really touched our hearts to see he let his emotions out," said Conover.

It's a powerful thank you, for everything coach has taught them.

"It was a gift from a set of boys that don't owe me, don't owe my wife and don't owe my family anything. We do this 'cause we love them, and this was a sign of unconditional love," said Joe Keizur.

"I don't know how else to explain, other than I will never ever forget it," he said.

Kaycee and Joe Keizur are high-school sweethearts.

Kaycee wasn't feeling up to an interview, but tells FOX 12 she deeply appreciates the boys and their efforts to support her family.

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