Smartphones, iPads used as educational tools in area schools

HAMMOND, LA (WAFB) - Smartphones and iPads can be a distraction in the classroom, but when used properly, technology can be an effective educational tool. At Hammond High School you won't just find the standard pieces of paper and pencils.

"Instead of having a kid sneak to text, or sneak to listen to their head phones, let them just do it," said math teacher Chris Pisciotta.

School officials say the introduction of technology in the classroom started last year by letting students use iPads for educational purposes. That worked well so this year the school is also allowing cell phones.

And with expensive school supplies, like calculators, Principle Chad Troxclair says apps on mobile devices can save parents a pretty penny.

"You can download an RK-83 calculator app which is similar to a T9-83 calculator; runs about $1.99," said Troxclair.

Pisciotta says that he has worked at many schools who didn't allow electronic devices. Now, he says he can connect with his students in a different way. And when those have trouble grasping a lesson they can get help right away.

"They can receive real time feedback on the area they need help with there at their desk without me having to stop and teach kids who already know it," said Pisciotta.

Jewell Sumner High School in Tangipahoa parish also allows cell phones to be used for educational purposes.

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