Hammond amends law, allowing Sunday sales of wine and liquor

HAMMOND, LA (WAFB) - Shoppers stacked up groceries at Leblanc's Food Stores in Hammond Tuesday afternoon.

"I've been in the grocery business all my life," said store manager Franck Schiro.

Schiro says while business may be good, he believes Hammond's ban on the sale of booze more than five percent alcohol by volume on Sundays provides an unfair advantage for retailers who can.

"You know it's not usually to come buy a bottle of alcohol it's to buy steak, potatoes, chicken and even affects our party tray, birthday cakes, it affects a lot of things within the store other than just selling alcohol," said Schiro.

The Hammond City Council heard Frank and other retailers' message loud and clear and an amendment to the current ordinance allowing those Sunday sales was put to public hearing. There was no opposition provided, but there was certainly plenty of support.

"Sundays is not one of my better days and I believe if you pass the ordinance that would change and the tax dollars that we're losing would come back to us in Hammond," said one retailer.

"I personally did not have one person contact me or call me and say please do not vote for this although I did have numerous people contact me and ask me to vote for it and so that's what I did," said Council Chairman Jason Wood.

Schiro says the ordinance change will even the playing field and help the city in the process but adds it won't affect the approach his store currently takes.

"We'll continue with what we've done in the past provide great customer service, take care of our customers the best we can whether we're selling alcohol or whatever we're selling," said Schiro.

The ordinance change does not include bars, which are still not permitted to sell alcohol on Sundays within city limits.

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