Police searching for man connected to attempted abduction of teen

Sketch of a person of interest involved in the attempted abduction of a 15 year old female on September 2, 2013 in Baker. (Source: Baker PD)
Sketch of a person of interest involved in the attempted abduction of a 15 year old female on September 2, 2013 in Baker. (Source: Baker PD)

BAKER, LA (WAFB) - Police in the City of Baker have released a sketch of a man wanted in connection to an attempted abduction that happened Monday afternoon.

They are looking for an old silver SUV, with the word "RODEO" on the back window. This particular SUV is not one that officers recognize, but they do want to find the person behind the wheel. Especially because a teen girl says the man driving tried to grab her.

Baker Police Chief Mike Knaps says it happened Monday afternoon on Jefferson Street. Knaps says a 15-year-old girl, whose identity has not been released, had walked to the library but remembered it was closed because of the holiday. The teen was walking back home, he says, when a man in a silver SUV drove up to her.

"Vehicle pulled up beside her, asks if she needs a ride. She says 'no, no thank you.' The guy in the vehicle cuts her off, gets out, grabs her, and tries to pull her back to car. She gets free and takes off," Chief Knaps said.

Knaps says the girl told them the man drove off in the opposite direction, but the girl was able to give police a brief description of the SUV.

Those who live in the area say it's not unusual to see kids walking up and down the street. But what happened on Monday has several residents on the lookout.

"If I see something that looks suspicious or if I see somebody watching me, cause I'm looking, I'll leave," said Tikisha Hamilton, who was running around the track at the park that's next to the library.

Several people say they are glad the girl got away unharmed. They also believe this is the time to remind children to use the buddy system, teach them how to defend themselves and to always be aware of their surroundings.

"I always tell my kids let me know where you're going before you leave. Granted my kids are older but I still want to know where you are going because if you're not back by a certain time, I know where to look," Hamilton said.

Knaps describes the person driving the silver SUV as a light-skinned black male, with a Mohawk haircut. The make and model of the SUV are not clear, but Knaps says the word RODEO is on the back window.

"We need to get a hold of this guy and find out what's on his mind as quick as we can," Knaps said. "This person has made up his mind that he's going to do something other than just talk."

Chief Knaps says anyone with information should call Crime Stoppers, 344-STOP (7867).

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